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PRMS - Football

Paperwork & Equipment Pickup

Equipment pickup is this Saturday, July 21st.  The 7th Grade will pickup equipment at 9:00 am, we will be collecting paperwork and payment in Trailer 16 beginning at 8:30 am and then equipment will be handed out.  Park at the Middle School field with the goal posts and start walking up the sidewalk to the trailers and you will see us.

Please be prepared with your paperwork, payment ($325) and calendar to mark your volunteer slots.  We will accept cash or checks (written to PRABC) onsite.  If you would rather pay by credit card, that option is available at Register Online.

You can Print out the forms: HERE

1. Registration Form

If your player attended the camp in June or the summer workouts, we should already have this.  If you don't remember filling one out or you registered online, please fill out and bring with you.

2. PRMS Code of Conduct

This form must be signed and initialed by the student and parent.  It spells out the expectations of the players on and off of the field. 

3. Concussion Form

This form needs to be redone every year and is signed by parent and player.  This is not the online IMPACT test.  That is something new players only need.

4. Insurance Waiver

This form is just stating that your player is insured.  On the sport line, mark All Sports so that the document is good for the athlete if they choose to participate in another sport during the 2018-2019 school year.  It needs to be notarized.  We will have a notary on site for Saturday, but you can also take this to your bank before then.

5. Physical

All players need to have a current physical on file.  If your player does not, they may be held off of the field.

New Players Only:

6. Birth Certificate

We need a copy of your player's birth certificate.  Please do not send the original, a copy will meet the requirement.

7. IMPACT Concussion Test

This is an online link to a test that your player needs to take to participate.  They only take this test once during their middle school career.  The information for this test is attached below, it has the link and the code.  Once you finish, please print out your confirmation and bring with you to equipment pickup.  We need this paperwork prior to contact drills.

Practice Schedules & Absence Policy

All practices from this point are mandatory and will require an excuse to the coach.  Practice will be from Monday-Friday from 6:00-8:30 and Saturday in the morning.  The practice schedule will be revised once school starts.  We play two games before the beginning of school.  If tryouts are required, they will begin on this day and there will be more information from the coach on the timeline.  


If you are not going to be able to make practice, please let me know and I will share with the coaches.  If you have one unexcused absence, you will miss one quarter; two unexcused absences=one half; and 3+ will result in your athlete sitting during the game.  This is true once the school year begins.  If you are not at school for at least 2 blocks of the day, you are not allowed to practice that evening. 


** What you need to practice

A couple of parents have asked about the expectations for what to have for practice, so I thought I would send you all a message about the things your player will need for practice.


* Practice Jersey: Black Mesh jersey to go over pads and over your shirt

* Practice Pants: These can have integrated pads or pants that have knee pads and can be worn over a girdle 

* Cleats

* Chin Strap: Helmets are black--Please try to get black if possible 

* Mouth Guard: Each player needs to have a mouth guard that attaches to their helmet

* A big water bottle -- it is hot and the practices are long, one 16 oz water is not enough

* Sneakers in case we have to move it inside

* Notebook and pen/pencil


Volunteer Requirements

The PRMS Pirate Football is a volunteer organization.  We are school affiliated but sponsored by the PR Athletic Booster Club.  Each family must do their part for us to have a successful season.  This year we are requiring each family to work 2 volunteer spots during the regular season and 1 spot during the playoff weekend (10/20).  These volunteer spots will not interfere with you watching your athlete play.  We will have a signup sheet at Equipment Pickup and you will not get your ticket for equipment unless you fill in your slots. The primary need for volunteers is during home game weekends (8/11, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22), though some positions are open at away games as well.  Volunteers get in free to the game the weekend they are working.


You will be responsible for finding your replacement should you have a change in plans. The Volunteer Coordinator(s) will help you if it is an emergency.  Failure to work your shift can result in affecting your athlete’s playing time.  Here is a brief description of the volunteer roles:


             All Games

·       Equipment Manager is responsible for assisting with any helmet issues on the field, water distribution and other things needed by the coaching staff.  This person is on the field essentially putting out fires at both home and away games.

·       Film is important so that the coaches can analyze a play’s execution and effectiveness.  It is a tool that is used during the next week’s practice and preparation.  The person will film all plays from the press box both at home and at away games.

·       The Team Photographer is on the field taking pictures of the action both at home and away games.  They then share the images out on the platform that works best for them.

Home Games-During Your Game

·       Chain Gang is made up of 3 volunteers who hold the down and yardage markers.  This is during the game that your athlete is playing in.  The Chain Gang works on the opposing team’s sideline.

·       The Announcer is the hype person—getting the crowd excited and letting them know what’s going on.  You can get your playlist ready to put on some music and get your voice ready to cheer on the Pirates!

·       The Scoreboard Operator is responsible for the management of the clock and keeping the score updated.

Home Games-Not During Your Game

For all home games, there are volunteer requirements for each team for gate and concessions.  These volunteer assignments fall outside of your athlete’s game time.  For 6th Grade parents you will volunteer the 7th Grade game; 7th Grade works the 8th Grade game; and, 8th Grade works the 6th Grade game.  You must be over 16 to work in Concessions and over 18 to work the gate.

·       The Gate is the entrance into the game.  You will collect money for the spectators.

·       Concessions is where the food and drink fun happen.  You will usually be manning the window, getting drinks, making nachos and popcorn.  A lot of fun happens in the shack!

·       Clean Up Crew is a group who after each game checks the bathrooms, trash cans and stands.  This allows for a quicker exit of the Commissioners and Volunteer Coordinators after a long day out at the field.



Andy Myers amyers@mayerelectric.com

Beth Green prmspiratefootball@gmail.com  704-737-7023

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